Elearning failure

hassanb Community Member Posts: 2
I am currently working on my PhD research paper which covers the main reasons behind the failure of Elearning and hopefully put in place a solution to overcome these pitfalls. By failure we are not speaking of absolute failure, but rather relative failure. I have been involved in Elearning since 1998 during which I have seen and experienced both successes and failures. It was intended initially that one day Elearning will be the “Main” way to train and develop employees. Of course some even went further to say that Elearning will be the only way. This was due to the fact that many “Positives” were anticipated such as cost saving, accessibility, personalized learning, and more. However, experience and actual implementation proved this “Dream” not to be so sweet after all. Many elements failed to be considered which rendered many Elearning solutions as failing to meet the intended objectives. This group, based on the actual experience of the group members, aims to pinpoint those elements that prevented Elearning from reaching its ultimate objective, namely as being the main source for the training and development of employees. I would love t have your input on the subject