Trademark symbols in quiz answer options won't work

meiteljorge Community Member Posts: 1
Hi there,

I'm working on a quiz for a client, and many of the answer options for the questions require using a registered trademark (r-ball) symbol next to the name of a product. However, when the symbol is in the answer option, Lectora won't calculate the answer correctly--it just marks everything as incorrect. We've tried the "convert to image" option, but that won't work either. We can't use images because we are required to show all the text for every question/answer as part of the feedback. Is there any way to use the symbols in the answer options without causing these problems?



  • mallow76
    mallow76 Community Member Posts: 123
    Just put (for example) 'a', 'b' or 'c' as the answer options to the question and then hide these on the page. Add in additional text boxes with the real answer options and put them in position against the radio button / check boxes.

    Edit: This won't actually work properly if you are using the inbuilt custom feedback page option for the tests as it will only pull through a,b or c. Maybe in the feedback you can make do without the symbol and instead of using a, b or c, type in the gist of the answer in the hidden answer fields? Or just build your own feedback page.