In over my head - simple 10Q Knowledge Check

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It seems like it should be so simple but I just can't get it.

I need a tutor. I can do it remotely - you can view my desktop. I have worn out my coworker/employer's patience and I need help now as soon as possible.

First try they succeed with Submit button the Submit button Hides as the Feedback message appears to say Good Job Please Continue. Next Button is active.

First try they fail they get a Feedback message - Try Again. Close that and the Submit button remains.

Second try they succeed it is the same as First Try Succeed.

Second try fail they get a feedback saying You used up your tries - close the message and the Next button is active.

No Back button.

If they get all questions correct they get a Pass page and cannot take the test again.

If they miss any and get to the Fail page the test is reset.

If they quit in the middle it Retains Values Between Sessions.

My coworker did part of the KC I have variables for each question but I haven't quite got the hang of them.

I have all the questions made - a variety of all types. Some questions doing a OnShow if Correct and a Modify Variable and whatever else heaven only knows.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you,



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    call me at numbers below. I will glad to help you. Atlanta.
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    I have the basic framework of the MC now. Yaaaah!

    Can someone help me with the following?

    --After hitting Submit on a correct answer I get a popup that says Good Job... and I close it, then another immediately opens. - except on the drag and drop question.

    --In the Page x of x in the MC I have 10 questions plus one. Now the first page says Page 2 of 10. I know I need some kind of variable to tell it to ignore that page but I'm not sure what or how.

    --If they complete the MC successfully it plays a Congratualtions audio file, Else, it plays the Please take it Again audio. Once they have taken it successfully and try to access it again I need it to Show a text box that says they already took the course.



  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Not enough details. Please call. In Atlanta, GA.