Rollover text doesn't show when published for web.

headspace Community Member Posts: 1
In my title I have made transparent boxes, to put over an image, and assigned an action to take you to a specific page with in my title. At the same time I have also made a hidden text block, that when you mouse enter and exit, the image with the transparent boxes on, the name of the page that you will be taken to when you click, appears in the hidden text block. All works great in preview mode, in Lectora its self but in any web browser, only about 3 of my pages show this text. I'm now tearing my hair out, as to why this is, as I can't see any reason for this at all.

Any ideas?


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Really can't think of any reason this should happen. I would be sure the layering is correct in the left pane and not depend on "Always on top". Maybe try both. When you click the ones that do NOT show, does it take you to that page? If so, then the layering is correct.

    I would be glad to look at that page. If you can't send me the whole course (File > Export > Zip) then how about just one page. Copy the page and paste into a new title. It won't work but I can fix that. I want to see exactly what you have.