The exact specific causative-agent

azeem921 Community Member Posts: 1
The exact specific causative-agent you know we don't go down that road because ninety-nine times out a hundred we don’t need to go down that road so what do we do well in the face have any chronic disease we eliminate the obvious we take care of the obvious so with irritable bowel Sealy actors ease lucrative colitis Cohn’s disease are any other condition which has a negative condition of SlimGenix Pro the gap in the digestive tract the first thing to do is eliminate wheat barley rye and oats him the other bad foods because from our point of view one of the major causative factors i Bashes wheat barley rye and oats and then the other six bad foods Argonne be flaring that condition up so even though they may not be causative they’re going to hurt it's going to be almost impossible to get over this unless you take away all that.

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