On Show - Hide Actions not woking on iPad

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I am preparing my courses for the iPad. I several pages with multiple audio files and they are designed that that one of the files shows initially and the is an OnShow - Hide action on the page level to hide the other controllers. Then, when the users clicks something the initial audio stops and hides and the other audio shows and plays.

This works fine on the computer, but when viewed on the iPad, all of the audio shows initially. And since the iPad doesn't allow for autostart, if the user clicks to play this audio it is the wrong audio.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • timk
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    I couldn't test it so I don't know whether it will work but it may be worth a try.

    After placing all the audios on your page, remove all but the first again (to make sure all the files are imported). Instead of hiding and showing the different players, use a "Change content" action to replace the audio file attached to the audio object. By this you'll only have one player on the page that is always visible and plays all your audio files.

    It's working on my computer but I couldn't test on the iPad.

  • falcon44nkc
    falcon44nkc Community Member Posts: 90
    I tried this but unfortunately it is not working for the way my pages are designed. I have actions associted with the audio - so that when the second audio plays, certain things hide and appear on the screne. WHen I tried the Change Contents method, this only played the audio and did not show any of the corresponding items on the page.
  • kirkisbetter
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    I had a similar situation and in the end, combined my two audio files, and just added timing against the audio for all of the show/hide elements.