Lectora V11 Limit Exam Attempts

bwiest Community Member Posts: 3
In my title I have a final exam that I would like to set to only 3 attempts to pass. I have a questions bank of 68 questions that I have restricted to 25 randomly selected. Can this be accomplished with variables, and how would that work? I would rather do it this way because I would have to manually enter all the questions in to the LMS to have the functionality of limiting attempts. Would it perhaps be easier to forget about randomized questions?


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    On the page BEFORE the test, set a variable to 1 for the first attempt. Make it a retained variable. On the first page of the test, check the variable. If greater than 3, stop however you want.

    Now, you should have a page after the test OUTSIDE the test chapter where you tell the person whether or not they passed. There add 1 to the variable. Show the Retry button ONLY if that variable is less than 4.