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jesse6301 Community Member Posts: 4
In Lectora X, I was able to automatically create a new page for each new question added to a quiz. I am not able to find this option in Lectora 11; am I missing it, or is this no longer popssible?

I'm creating a 32-question quiz, and I'd rather not have to create a new page each time.


Stephen Essenburg


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Unfortunately that option seems to be gone. Consider an alternative approach. When you create a question, it puts it where it wants to, not where you want it. So you have additional work moving things around. When I have to create tests like that, I usually create one TEMPLATE question page with enough space for the largest question. I position it where I want it and do anything else needed like feedback options and Max Attempts. Then I just copy the page and paste a couple of times. Go to the first one and edit the question entering the actual question and choices and feedback. After I have done a couple and am sure the template is good, I copy it and paste the rest and then go back and edit. It is really faster that laying out each page.