Quiz: Video only plays once

pr1906 Community Member Posts: 6

I having a problem with video only playing once after the question has been answered wrong. The question is answered wrong and the remediation video plays through one time. The question re-appears and the user gets it wrong again, but the remediation video does not play again. This use to work without a problem with how we structured the course. If someone can please help, I would greatly appreciate it.



  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Need more info. How did you start the video? What actions did you use and where did you put them? Does the video stay showing after it finishes? You may need to add a Stop action before issuing the Play just to reset the video. It won't hurt.
  • ummakumma
    ummakumma Community Member Posts: 97
    I talked about week ago with support about this issue and they said the issue comes with latest flash plugin.
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