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flammger Community Member Posts: 37
Has anyone created any cool glossaries lately for their courses that they would be willing to share? I'm looking for new ideas for a course that I'm developing. Any suggestions would be welcome. I also have to ensure that the glossary is 508-compliant.

Thanks in advance!



  • benpitman
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    Sure. Either create a long page (not a scrolling text box) with a table and put your terms in it or create a popup Section or Chapter with small pages. Put a TOC on the left side and then name your pages for the terms. Put the description on the right side of the page. Now you can link to a specific term and the TOc on the left allows them to see other terms. the third option is a PDF but that is not 508.
  • flammger
    flammger Community Member Posts: 37
    Thanks, Ben.
  • clammers
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    I like to create a group of different text boxes (one for each letter that's part of your gloassary). Above all of these would be a single text box with each letter listed: A, B, C....Y, Z. Hyperlink each letter to a Show action for the related text box. Each text box would also have an 'On Show, Hide' option for the other text boxes so only the appropriate one appears when clicked.
  • timk
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    You can use a long page (as Ben suggested). If you add one textbox for each term you'll be able to scroll to the appropriate term when opening the page. You can use letters at the top of the page as well to scroll to the first term beginning with the respective letter.

  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    I have tried that approach. The main problem is that the text blocks expand a little when viewed in HTML and then overlap. They also require constant adjustment as you add or change terms.