Help with variables: Showing an object on one page if user has viewed another page

ryanbmcdonald Community Member Posts: 6

I’m having difficulties using variables to show specific objects on one page if a learner viewed a different page. Sounds vague, I know, so here are the specifics (please also refer to the attached image which might clarify things):

• Page 1 includes an overview diagram consisting of three components

• The learner can click on any of these three components, which will bring them to a corresponding page within the course. For example, if they click on Diagram Component #1, they will be brought to page 2, Diagram Component 2 brings them to page 3, and Diagram Component 3 brings them to page 4.

• If the learner navigates back to page 1 (the page with the main overview diagram), a checkmark icon will appear next to the diagram component to signify that the learner has viewed that specific page.

Sounds somewhat straightforward, but I’ve been struggling to implement this with my variables. Here’s how I tried to implement this:

• If the learner clicks on Diagram Component 1, it brings them to Page 2.

• Page 2 has the following action on it:

Show > Set Completion Status > This Page (Status: Completed)

• Back on page 1, the checkmark icon for Diagram Component 1 has the following action set on it:

Show > Show > This Object (Condition: Page 2 is completed)

However, when testing the course, none of the checkmark icons will appear on the main over diagram (page 1). I’ve navigated to each page, but when I go back to page 1, none of the checkmarks are appearing.

What am I doing wrong here? Appreciate the help!