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I just like ask to ask if you can downsave a course from Lectora 11.3 to Lectora 10.6?

If yes, would it create an issue in terms of the functionality and behavior of the course that was downsave from version 11.3 to 10.6 once published to SCORM or to Sum Total?

Thank you for the help



  • ssneg
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    No, I don't think that there's backwards compatibility with Lectora 10. You can try opening a v11 file in v10 but it will most likely throw a bunch of errors at you. Why are you doing this anyway? Maybe there's a better way to achieve what you're trying to do.
  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    You can open it with X BUT and this is a BIG BUT:
    • Anything new in X will be ignored and when you open it again with 11, all that stuff is either gone or not working right.
    • Anything that has been changed significantly in 11 like actions on buttons or the Drag and Drop question may not work in X. And again, if you reopen with 11, likely will not work any more.
    • All text buttons created in 11 get changed to 3-phase (or 3 something) GIFs. They work fine and look fine but they are no longer changeable. And if you reopen with 11, sorry, no longer changeable.
    This is all I have run into. There are likely more.
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