Items Working in Program but Not in LMS

brandic Community Member Posts: 11
1) I've set up a mute/play button in my course and when I preview it everything works correctly; however when I publish it to my LMS (CourseMill) it no longer works.

2) I've set up an activity on one page and the next page (activity's feedback) should pull content from the activity and "bullet" it. In preview mode this works correctly but when I publish to my LMS (CourseMill) it pulls the content but does not bullet it (not a huge issue -- I just can't understand why it works in one and not the other).

Anyone else experience these types of issues, and can provide tips?


  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    There are over 30 differences between Lectora's run or Preview mode and any browser that uses HTML. Go to and search for "differences" for a free list.

    As to your current problem, not enough info. Would have to see it. Send me the course after zipping it up and I will take a look. If you want, create a second course with just that page and send that. File ribbon > Export > Zip.