Utilizing Better eLearning Design with Guides and Grids in Lectora

parkerdonat Community Member Posts: 12

Guides and grids are super helpful tools to create better eLearning experiences. But have you mastered Lectora's guide and grid tools?

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  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    Guides and grids have to do with page layout and making it look pretty and professional. Just remember that 75% of the effort is in the instructional design not the technical design. An even greater percentage can be attributed to instructional design when it comes to how much people learn. Knowledge of solid adult learning principles in designing your course accordingly is what makes the difference between people learning and not learning. You need overviews summaries a real summary is not just a list of the topics you covered, plenty of examples for all different learning types, and even more exercises where people have to think deciding what to do, why things went the way they did, or protecting results. Those exercises need to involve the learner using a job situation and the words you. Simple recall questions help very little. If you don't how to do these things get some books and learn how to do that because these are what make the difference between good e-learning and the stuff that poses as e-learning.