Lectora 12 Issues with Cornerstone On Demand

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We are having some problems with Lectora 12 courses on CSOD.

  • It's taking us 5 minutes or more to load courses on the LMS. These are relatively small courses, less than 50 Mbs.
  • It takes several minutes for courses to close on the LMS. The courses are published as SCORM 2004.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • ssneg
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    I have a theory why loading takes a long time. Lectora 11 courses consisted of a large number of small files. Lectora 12 courses consist of a very, very large number of small files (due to the way buttons function in Lectora 12).

    After a course is uploaded, the LMS unzips hundreds of files and checks them against a manifest. LMS software is known for not doing a lot of things optimally (including this particular task), so it does take time. Since the number of published files has grown between Lectora 11 and 12, the time to process your uploaded course also grew.

    Again, just a theory.
  • kevin
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    Has anyone had issues with courses built using Lectora v12.1.0 not rendering correctly in IE11 when launched from CornerStone LMS? None of the images or buttons are showing up and it almost seems like the javascript on the page is broken.

    I tested my course at scorm.com/cloud LMS and it worked fine. The course also works ok in Firefox and IE8 & 9. I set browser compatibility to both IE7 (the default) and IE8 and am still having the issue.