Save or Export slides as image or PDF suggestion

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Would be nice to be able to just export or publish to PDF, or save or export the slides/pages as images. Not sure how it works, but running through the publisher should be able to publish an image of the running version - not the editing version.

Maybe an option could be to select whether you want to save the starting or ending state. Select-able outputs would be like PDF, PNG, JPEG. Being able to select a range of pages to save/export would be great too (the entire presentation, or a custom range).


  • danny_highfield
    danny_highfield Community Member Posts: 3
    I completely agree,

    There is a slightly messy work around to export as PDF if you haven't done so already (although it's only published as the editing version).
    1. Open you Lectora file and click File > Print (or ctrl + P)
    2. Select your printer as AdobePDF
    3. Make sure "Print to file" is unticked
    4. Make sure your print range is set to the pages you want to export
    5. Click Properties and untick "Rely on system fonts..." (having this ticked causes an error for some reason)
    6. Everything else should be fine to leave as it is
    7. Maybe change the output folder to your desktop to somewhere you will easily find it
    8. Click ok and it should export your Lectora file as PDF
    This only issue here is that it is in edit mode therefore if you have any page counts or titles then they won't be displayed.

    Also, you might have to tidy up your pages by hiding any popups or overlapping texts as it will be exported exactly how it looks in edit mode.


  • lea-thompson
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    Just wanted to drop-in and say that I've written this up as a feature request for our developers in both Lectora Inspire/Publisher and Lectora Online.