SAP LMS (LSO) inconsistant errors received with tests

Lectora tests are generating cmi interactions data, which caused several errors on our SAP LMS (LSO). I was adivsed to deselect 'Send Report test/survey question interactions to the LMS' on the SCORM options tab during publishing. I did and republished the course. This course has 5 chapters within, and each chapter has a few "knowledge reviews" (T/F) sprinkled through out, however there is a multiple choice assessment at the end of each chapter that needs to be completed.

After republishing, I am able to view chapters 1 and 2 perfectly, and without any issues, however when I come to the knowledge reviews in chapter 3 I am getting more and more errors (LMSSetValue Error: cmi.suspend_data to [Assessment_03_Score=83;VarQuedstion_00004+False;........etc.)

Can anyone help me figure this out?:confused:


  • prabha10
    prabha10 Community Member Posts: 26
    Did you double check all your variable values in the assessment settings? Sometimes you see that if you misspelled or omitted the variable when you modify the AICC_Score - or if you associated it with the wrong thing by accident (or moved it and it lost connection with its original value and is blank :( ).

    I've gotten that error before and that was the root cause each time.

    Also be careful of how many characters you have in your question objects - long strings can interfere with the SCORM functionality (cause the suspend data error - though your message looks like it's associated with your AICC variable on modify score or maybe lesson status, etc.).

    Refer to this post: