Lectora 12- my published content in SABA is a blank screen in IE11/10/FIREFOX

anitadot Community Member Posts: 3

does anybody else have this issue of a blank screen on my published SCORM WBT on IE 10/11/FIREFOX??...

my LMS is SABA.

when I use compatibility, F12 shows the document mode to be IE7. Trivantis said its blank because v12 will not work on IE7.

but why is screen blank when document mode is EDGE/10 without compatibility.

IE 8 shows the WBT, but most buttons/audio does not work.

I am being advised by Trivantis to remove 12 from my computer and put back 11(everything works fine there)....

is that really the only best solution or has somebody with same issues has managed to figure out what to do to make this work.