LMS Reporting of Question variables

ufehs Community Member Posts: 3
Goal: to report the value of multiple test scores in 1 Lectora course and not the average of the scores. I have 7 Tests that require individual scores be reported in order to meet federal guidelines.

My LMS will report back the question variable ID (Question_0001_###) with the user response.

After all the tests are scored, on "course complete" page show I set modify (Question_0001) variable equal to VAR"Test_1_Score".

On publish, I have "report question/survey" checked but the LMS reports back "Question_0001_###", where there are 3, as far as I can tell, random numbers added and it is maintaining the actual user's response and not the value of the Test score.

There is 1 question per page. Questions 1-4 are in Test 1, Questions 5-8 are in Test 2. The 1st set of data is when I had append time/unique id set and so I "unchecked" that at publish. Only sequence I can guesstimate at is for the appended 3-digit code all the Test 1 questions start with a "1" and all of the question in Test 2 start with a "4".

1.Does anyone know from where the 3-digit appended numbers are coming from?

2. Any ideas on how to make this work?

3.What am I missing?