Lectora viewer keeps crashing

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I was using Lectora to create a conference presentation. I was concerned that running the presentation from the internet may have had bandwidth issues at the conference, so was thinking that publishing it as an executable file (or on a CD) would provide a sound and independent alternative that wouldn't be affected by poor internet connection.

Though what I have found is that the Lectora viewer used in both the exe file and the CD crashes continually. I could never get through the 20 minute presentation without it crashing at least 3 or 4 times.

Has anyone else had any issues with the Lectora viewer constantly crashing? Is this a known issue?

To me, it means that these publishing options are not viable due to the unpredictability of the viewer.




  • emollypalmer
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    The company I work for doesn't publish to a CD, but whenever we publish to an .EXE, we have to ensure that NONE of the text is converted to an image. What we have found is that if you have text that is converted an an image, when published to an .exe, the Lectora viewer will crash on the page with the converted text. To keep the Lectora viewer from crashing, unconvert ALL text that is converted as an image BEFORE publishing to the exe. This fixes it for us. We have reported the issue to Trivantis support, and they have escalated it to the developers, so they are aware of it. Not sure if this is what is causing yours to crash, but might be worth a shot! :)
  • jackis
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    Thanks for your reply. I had text converted to images on nine out of the 10 pages in the presentation. I had converted the text to image as I was given feedback from a colleague that the text, font and size was changing when viewing the exe file on their computer (ie the font size was increasing on some sentences, and therefore not displaying correctly). So I thought converting to image was the best way to "set" the content on the page.

    Interestingly, it seemed to crash on page 8 almost every time, even though there was text converted to images on the preceding six pages.

    I have been through all pages and de-selected the convert text to image. After doing this and testing it a couple of times this morning, it does now play the whole presentation without crashing.

    Thanks again for you help, it is useful to know of this work around.

  • ssneg
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    I'd just publish the presentation to HTML and run in IE locally.