Fill-In-The-Blank Type Question Answer Block questions

blankgm Community Member Posts: 18
Using Lectora Inspire 11.3.2 I am unable to do a couple things.

1) Set a default font. It appears that in the course it is set to Calibri 24 - which isn't really a problem because in most cases you can use the text style command on the Home ribbon. Except -

When you create questions and all the text and answers are also locked in at Calibri 24. To change these you must

1) Create the question

2) Manually edit the question text setting the Text style.

3) Unlock the inheritence for the answer

4) Manuallky edit the answer field text font

That seems like a really long and round about method. Am I missing something? Especially with the answer field inheritence feature. No matter how the question (or parent) text units are set, nothing appears to be inherited.

Next comes a problem of limited field width for the fill in the blank type question. This is repeatable (on my system):

1) Insert a question of type Fill In The Blank

2) Leave all the values set to their default in the question creator

3) Enter any text you want within the Question field.

4) Enter any text you want in the Correct field

Click OK

The question is dropped to the page with an answer field that is only a couple characters (at Calibri 24) wide. Nothing you can do to resize the field will allow you to display the user input beyond those couple of characters.

For example, if the question were: "Complete the following sentence 'Now is the time for all good men'" and your text limit is set to 50, and your correct answer is "to come to the aid of their country." -

You get an answer box that is only about 8 characters wide. Now, while you can stretch that answer box out to much wider, when the student goes to type in their answer - all they will see on the page is:

to come t

If the developer has not expanded the width of the input field, and the student continues to type, then the input field will desplay a rolling window of what the student types to the next to last character type to the last character typed minus about 9, resulting in a window which displays:

ir country

Assuming this is not the intended response of the software - what am I doing wrong?