Prompt user to navigate to the last viewed page pop-up - can I remove cancel button?

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I'm publishing an AICC course in Lectora, with the Prompt user to navigate to the last viewed page option enabled. The trouble is (for reasons I won't get in to here) that I'd like to remove the Cancel button from the pop-up. This will prompt the user to only click OK so they can only return to where they left off. I do not want them to return to the beginning again.

I know I can change the text in the Publish Strings area, but I cannot find a place to remove the Cancel button.




  • ssneg
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    You can use HTML Extension to add a simple CSS rule that makes the Cancel button invisible.

    Go to the top title level, click Insert tab, click HTML Extension, then select the External HTML Object, click the Properties tab, set Type to "Meta tags" (that's on your left side) and click Edit. Paste this into the editor window:

    #IDCAN_2 { display:none; }

    #IDCAN_2 { display:none; }