'Mini-tests' in Publisher

cshop Community Member Posts: 2

I'm currently evaluating Lectora Publisher for delivering some updated e-learning courses. I'm having trouble replicating the test functionality our current courses have. Rather than one big test at the end of the course, what we currently have is several mini-tests at the end of a section of information.

These are usually one or two questions that can be attempted 3 times. If successful, the user can pass on to the next page. If they're not correct, they can't pass on, until they have made 3 attempts. They can then pass on regardless.

With Publisher, I can get this half-working. If I set it to grade the test, it works pretty well, but it generates a pop-up (which doesn't work in Chrome, incidentally) which makes it seem entirely too important - it's not a major test, just a little teaser. If I set it not to grade the test, I lose the popup, but then you can still pass to the next page even if the answers are wrong.

Is there some way to disable the 'Done' button until either the answers are correct or 3 answer attempts have been made? Also, is there some way to perhaps highlight the incorrect question rather than just having a popup?