Lectora and Articulate 13

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In the previous version Articulate Presenter 09, Articulate published a flash (.swf) file for each slide contained in the PowerPoint presentation. It appears that has been changed in Articulate Presenter 13, as all slides are not published to a one, single flash (.swf) file.

Using the Articulate 09 flash files for each slide, we created pages for each in Lectora, and we added Lectora next buttons to allow users to navigate. The last page of the course contained an Attest button that links to an external attestation that's not contained within our LMS.

Now, using the single Articulate 13 flash file, we embed it on a single page, and we're trying to determine how to direct users to the last attestation page. The "On Done Playing" action does not work on the .swf file, so we're left with showing the Next or Attest button on a delay, which is not ideal.

I've reviewed posts regarding adding variables and parameters to the flash file, but we do not have the software or skills here to do so. We only have Articulate Presenter, which does not allow editing for flash files.

Any ideas?


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    Why use Lectora at all then? Why not put the link to the external attestation page on the last slide in the Presenter?