Pausing/Playing screen actions without using Events

sharont Community Member Posts: 20
I am using Lectora 11. I want to play/pause my entire screen. I understand how "Events" work but my audio is MP3, not WMA. Doesn't work using MP3 when I view in HTML.

In addition, all of my actions are already created and rest at the screen level; and I don't think those actions are "importable" into the audio's Events. Recreating the 100s of actions in Events is not an option.

Is there a way to pause/resume my audio and actions at the screen level? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • timk
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    As far as I know events should work with mp3s but not with wma. If you want to trigger a number of actions that are defined on page level by an event, just group those actions on page level and let the event "Run action group".

  • sharont
    sharont Community Member Posts: 20
    Unfortunately didn't worked. I grouped the actions and assigned an event in the audio; however, once the audio passes that event in the timeline and then I pause the audio, the actions kept going, separate from the audio.

    This is crazy. There must be a way to pause the screen actions independent of the audio.
  • rwalters
    rwalters Community Member Posts: 276
    You could break up the audio file into multiple files and set "Done Playing" to trigger your actions at the end of each file. Not sure if that can be easily incorporated into your existing project.
  • sharont
    sharont Community Member Posts: 20
    How would breaking up the audio work when the user wants to pause it? Now sure how that would be constructed?
  • cassm101
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    Depending on what all the actions are doing, you could screen record the animation (or whatever else it may be) in entirety and replace all your individual items with the one video you have just captured. This way you can pause and play the video (and even put the audio into the video to avoid any difference in load time between video and audio) in one trigger. One downside may be quality of image - it isn't always the greatest but this will depend on the images / text used among other things.

  • eric190
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    Check to see if you have meta data in your MP3. Actions are not compatible with Audio with metadata. Issue is known bug that developers will be fixing hopefully in 11.4 or 11.5. If there is metadata, remove and try again to see if it resolves the issue.