Two test issue

I have created a CBT that incorporates two test and there is a section of lesson material in between. If the user completes the first test (pass or fail) and then exits the course it moves the test to the "What I've Done" tab and marks it unsuccessful.

Bookmarking is enables and works (even if it gets moved) and if they go into the "What I've Done" tab and complete the second quiz after sucessfully passing the first, they successfully complete the lesson.

I have put actions to set the status as incomplete at the beginning of each section in hopes to remedy the issue, but that did not work.

Is there a way to ensure the status of the CBT remains "pending" and in the "What To Do" tab until the user completes the coures successfully?


  • chrystalb
    chrystalb Community Member Posts: 32
    I'd create three variables (make sure to retain the variable value between sessions), such as:
    • complete1 value:0
    • complete2 value:0
    • complete3 value:0
    At the point where each requirement is met, set the value of the respective variable to 1.

    Then for when you set AICC completion status and score, the condition should be that each of the variable values must equal 1.