Status Tracking icons DO NOT work when published to SCORM

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Hours, and hours, and hours.

Published to 4 different LMS systems

changed position of TOC in title 6 times

RUN MODE: Works great

HTML PUBLISH: Works great

Scorm Publish - does not work - either shows ALL COMPLETED, OR ALL NOT STARTED

Firefox Browser

IE 11 Browser

NO DIFFERENCE - this function just does not work!!!!!!

Has anyone else experienced this? HEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!!


  • ummakumma
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    I noticed the same thing with Status Indicators. They doesn´t send any data to LMS.. they just hang in browser cookies. So I handle them with two variables with OnShow>Set Completion Status>If Variables is ok or not ok.

    But I don´t know how this work with TOC.
  • mgilbert
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    Apparently this does involve cookies in your browser! Clear the cookies and problem solved. Thats why it worked the first time but then continually did not work on my same computer 100 other published times as the LMS does not clear the cookies when it resets progress. So my progress kept resetting but the Status was still stored in the cookies.

    I am officially smarter today, I think.

    Special Thanks to Laura Michalow for putting me out of my misery
  • prabha10
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    Hi there - I have not been able to successfully connect a completion action to my chapters so that the status icons in the menu change according to completion status. They show as complete at all times. My course menu page appears at the beginning of the course. It is not persistent throughout the course, the users click a lesson button to access the lesson (opens in same window), they can click a menu button at the bottom of the page to return to the course menu or are automatically returned to the main menu when clicking the next button at the end of each lesson.

    Does any one have any tips on how to make the status icons function correctly when shown in the Menu (created with the Menu Wizard)? Would the menu need to be placed at the AU or parent level to receive the built in completion action? I tried writing an action on the menu page that initialized the completion variables but didn't find a built in variable for this and haven't so far been successful in using my own. Seems like this function would be automated, I feel like I'm missing something simple...

  • prabha10
    prabha10 Community Member Posts: 26
    I missed the important step of clicking the status icon itself and associating it with the content that I wanted to track. Thanks to THIS VIDEO - What Takes Hours Now Takes Minutes by Christine Wroten. :cool: