Strange Box Appearing When Printing or Converting to PDF

angela1970 Community Member Posts: 1
We use Inspire and whenever we print (multiple computers, multiple licenses, multiple locations) an odd box appears in the center of the page. No matter what we do, we cannot get it to disappear. It appears on ALL pages, regardless of the apge content. Any ideas?

We have instances where we need to distribute printed or PDF versions of our courses to customers and this is not acceptable.

(see attached image of box)


  • ssneg
    ssneg Community Member Posts: 1,456 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Looks for an External HTML Object on the title level.
  • lauram
    lauram Community Member Posts: 149
    @ssneg 59740 wrote:
    Looks for an External HTML Object on the title level.

    If you turn off the Visibility Icon in the Title Explorer for the External HTML Object, then it should not be visible when printed.

    If you don't see a small gray box next to the object's icon in the Title Explorer (or an eye if you are on vX), you can turn on this option in your Preferences ("Show visibility check boxes in the Title Explorer). Uncheck the box to turn off visibility. This will not affect your published title - it hides the object in Edit mode.