Progress Bar Lectora 11 TOC style wont keep progress.

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I am using a progress bar TOC in my learning modules. Works fine but the problem is it does not keep the progress status. Works great going forward but if you back page the progress bar reverses as well. Is there any way to use TOC progress and have it keep your progress status without making custom progress bar. I want it to keep the progress and not unfill if you go back.


  • benpitman
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    No, there is not. It is geared to the current page.

    You have to use a custom progress bar and have actions on the page that remember the highest page you have been too and the convert that to a %. This works fine as long as the course is linear. If you allow the learner to go anywhere and you want the progress bar based on the number of pages visited, you need custom Javascript which I can provide you with. Please send email as I am not allowed to put it on the forum any more.
  • mgilbert
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    Under my "Content Chapter"

    Action 1 - On Show - modify variable "PageTrackCount" - add to variable "1" - condition if "PageTrack", does not contain, VAR(CurrentPageName)

    Action 2 - On Show - modify variable "PageTrack" - add to variable VAR(CurrentPageName)

    That's it, two actions and two custom variables allow me to track progress.

    I just set my custom Progress Bar to total number pages (34 in this case) - associated variable = "PageTrackCount"

    I can also display Percent Complete - just take VAR(PageTrackCount)/34 total pagesX100 = % completed

    I can set check action on last page to ensure that only continue if VAR(PageTrackCount) = 34

    NOTE: You must ensure that each page name is different in order for this to work properly eg. Check your Knowledge 1, Check your Knowledge 2, etc.

    Works Great, this is the best and easiest status and tracking I have ever used.

    Now I can use this as a template without having to put custom actions on every page.
  • kaydoubleu
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    Thank you soooo much for sharing this, it solves a problem I've been scratching my head about for 2 years!

    Just a reminder to anyone who tries this, the order of the two actions is important.
  • benpitman
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    A better way to track the pages is to create a string with (PageInTitle) including the (). It is much shorter and you don't have to worry about duplicate numbers. Just create it in a variable and then use roughly the same logic as above.
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    You'd need to add in some punctuation between page numbers if you were doing that Ben as (e.g.) page 12 and 13 together would give you 1213 which includes the number 21. a separate action could put a comma in between each pageInTitle to prevent this.

    Edit: apologies - I see now you are using the brackets as the punctuation - i thought you were saying the variable name needed the () as in....VAR(PageInTitle)!!
  • benpitman
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    Yes. I said that. I talked about parens. so a page number value in the action would be would be (Var(PageInTitle))