Repeating Questions at the end of a Test

sarahp_soh Community Member Posts: 2

I am using Lectora v11 and am trying to imitate one of our existing courses that repeats the questions in a quiz if they are incorrect. I have managed to do this but when I re-attempt the incorrect questions and get them right, they don't add on to the grade of the quiz (it still takes me to my 'failed' page). I want my test to give me the failed mark, take me back to the questions that I got incorrect, let me re-try them, then if they are answered correctly take me to make this a pass mark (which will take me to the 'passed' page).

Any assistance/insights/tips would be greatly appreciated!

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  • sholderman
    sholderman Community Member Posts: 19
    Instead of showing me all the answers (not using custom results, too whacky), I want to show which questions got wrong only. And, no answer given.

    Also, I want which questions were incorrect to show up on a page by itself that the viewer can refer to often, with links to each question.
  • benpitman
    benpitman Community Member Posts: 763
    If you don't use the custom results which does only half of what you ask for, you are going to have to do this by yourself. The only way I can see to do this is to stack all the questions on a page along with their feedback if not built into the question and have a series of actions determine which one is shown next. It would be quite tricky and take a lot of complicated actions. Sorry.