Bulleted List Not Text Wrapping Correctly

cobalt-corsair Community Member Posts: 11
I'm using Lectora X and creating a lot of bulleted lists, where the bulleted text wraps to the next line. The next line always wraps one character to the left of the initial line, resulting in text that's not aligned properly.

This happens whether I use Lectora's built-in bulleting function, or that of MS Word that I've cut and pasted. I've tried putting the text in a two-column Lectora table, where the bullet is in the left column and the long, wrapping text is in the next column, but the resulting spacing between the bullet and text is pretty exaggerated. I've even gone in and adjusted the cell properties in the Lectora-generated table, to make the bullet closer to the text, but it's a hincky, cumbersome process.

Text displays just fine in Run mode but it's in Browser Mode that the text is mis-aligned. It's the same whether I'm using Firefox or IE.

Any suggestions? Thanks.


  • rhys
    rhys Community Member Posts: 49
    There is often formmeting issues when pasting into Lectora. Try pasting it unformatted (right click in the text box and select paste unformatted) I dont know if this will solve the problem but its worth a try.