Reporting student question/response interaction data

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Hi All,

I've run into an issue where our courses are not communicating the question choices and student answers to the LMS WorldLearn. So if Student A encounters a multiple choice question like:

1. What is the colour of the sky?

choice 1: blue

choice 2: green

choice 3: yellow

And they choose choice 2, the report we get back will say that Student A answered Question 1 as "B" and the correct answer should have been "A" which gives no indication of what choice they selected, nor what the correct answer should be.

There was a section of the debug when I tested it in SCORM Cloud where I could see this occuring was:

LMSSetValue for cmi.interactions.1.correct_responses.0.pattern to [A]

LMSSetValue for cmi.interactions.1.weighting to [1]

LMSSetValue for cmi.interactions.1.student_response to

LMSSetValue for cmi.interactions.1.result to [wrong]

But if I scroll up I can see that the variables for the questions were recording the choices correctly:

readVariable for VarQuestion_0001 = []

saveVariable for VarQuestion_0001 to [green]

readVariable for VarQuestion_0001 = [green]

Action [OnMClkGoTo on next] fired!

readVariable for VarQuestion_0001 = [green]

Is there a way where I can get the choices to be shown in my reports and not have my questions changed to A, B, C, etc?


  • ssneg
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    This is interesting. It used to report exactly as you describe, with full question and choice texts. But it could cause reporting problems, so it looks like they've changed it now. Good to know.
  • amak
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    Yes it seems that this functionality is not supported by SCORM 1.2. Support have suggested that it may be possible in Tin Can if you set a button to send the data to the LMS but no promises that it would come through automatically via an interactions report.