Course Completion Status Not Tracking Properly in LMS

We created a couple of courses and are testing them in our LMS, which is SCORM 1.2 Conformant. Within the courses, we have seperate pass and fail pages. On the pass page, there's a Completion Action (i.e., Modify Variable AICC_Lesson_Status = completed IF AICC_Score is Greater than or Equal to 80). We noticed the following tracking results:

• User takes first course attempt and fails the test. Course status sets to "In-Progress"; details say "incomplete" and show the failing score.

• User makes a second attempt and fails the test again. Course status sets to "Completed"; details say "failed" and show the failing score.

• User must re-register for the course in order to get a third or fourth attempt, but the course will ALWAYS mark "Completed" after the second attempt regardless of whether you pass or fail.

Obviously, if you fail the course twice in a row, the course should remain listed as "In-Progress" in the LMS rather than being marked "Completed". Unfortunately, that's not what's happening. There are no settings in our LMS to limit the number of course attempts, and Maximum Allowed Attempts setting for each individual question in the test was not used. It's pretty critical to us that the course remains In-Progress until the test score is achieved.

Ironically, I developed a simple 4-question Captivate test, and that course tracks the completion status properly on our LMS (i.e., only shows "Completed" when the test criteria is met (80%)).

Any idea why this might be happening? Have anyone experienced or fixed a similar issue? It seems like there's something in the course controlling the number of attempts that I can't see or change. Any suggestions?


  • mgilbert
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    I have experienced a lot of these issues using Halogen LMS
  • chrystalb
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    Do you call LMSCommit after setting the status? If not, you'll need an action that is:

    Go To Web Address

    Address: javascript:LMSCommit()

    Open In: Existing Window

    Offhand, don't remember if you would want to have the same condition set as when you set it to completed.