Grouping and Set Reading Order to Last - There's an issue here...

joejubee Community Member Posts: 323 ✶ Headliner ✶
I love the idea about setting items reading order to last. That way you can have navigational elements at a course level, and have them read last. Cool.

But there's an issue.

As I'm aware, the only way you can set the reading order to last of an item is to add it to a group. If that is correct, you are now unable to disinherit items within that group - thus, you cannot remove the "next page" button from the last page of the course, and you will now have buttons with unresolved destinations on the last pages of the course.

It would solve all of these issues if we could set the reading order to last on items/objects - not just groups. It seemed like this feature (which was a great idea!) was just not really thought about before implementing.

My 2 cents.


Ok, so I was wrong. You can add a single item to a group. You just need to create the empty group first (Insert - Group Item) and then drag the single item into that group.