SCORM creation error related to linked AU?

dandyrandy Community Member Posts: 4
I'm working on updating a title created by a former developer with our company. In attempting to publish the title to a web-based SCORM, the following error is being thrown after the 'checking variables' process:

"The SCORM/Web-based standard restricts the author from creating links between multiple AUs. On the Web, the transitioning between AUs is a function of the LMS."

This is a show-stopping error (in red), and clicking the error does not lead me to the source of the problem as it normally does. It may be coincidence that it appears under 'Checking Variables' and it may have nothing to do with that process. Nothing obvious shows up in the Variable Manager.

I'm at a loss as to how to resolve the issue, and I need to publish this title to SCORM. Any ideas on where in the title to look for something like that?

BTW - this is Lectora Inspire vX.6 (8457)

Many thanks for any assistance offered.