My navigation buttons submit questions eventhough I don't have actions on them

allen_nz Community Member Posts: 4
Hey guys, I've made a drag and drop question, but I've noticed that if I'm part way through the activity and use my navigation buttons, it submits the activity eventhough there isn't any actions on my buttons telling it to do so. Is this a default feature in Lectora and how do I get around it?

The actions I have on my navigation are just the basic goto actions.



  • ahwalek
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    Lectora treats navigating away from a page as the queue to process a question if you don't have immediate feedback on. After looking around a bit, I don't think it's easily fixable without using variables. This issue is with drag and drop and matching as well, maybe more.

    I guess the workarund would be to put variables on each of the drag objects and have separate navigation buttons for that page. Make the conditions for the navigation to only work if all of your drag objects have been selected.

    Its a lot of work for what you get out of it. Maybe someone else has a better solution.
  • joejubee
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    Use an action (or inheritance) to hide the nav buttons on that page. Add in a submit button that processes the quiz question. Then add an additional action that shows the navigation buttons once the submit button has been pressed.

    My 2 cents.
  • allen_nz
    allen_nz Community Member Posts: 4
    Cheers guys. I like Joe's suggestion. I may use it but for now I think I may just suck it up.