Writing javascript function in Web address URL field.....

rvj Community Member Posts: 27
Hello. I have lectora publisher. Well, I have done bookmarking for my multi-user system. I am storing bookmark url in my database, passing it through query string. On a button click, I have, > go to webaddress> value: javascript: var query = window.location.search.slice(4); window.location.href=query; Well, I am getting the address and On button click lectora redirects me to the address.

But , My issue is I have chosen it to open in New Window>Lightbox popup. But it doesnt open in, lightbox pop up. It just open simply, in the same browser window.

I also tried, first on page load I ran action Run Javascript and in that I defined above code in a function. Then On button click, In web address value field I wrote, javascript: myfunction(); This didn't even redirect me to the page.

Any suggestion/Help would be appreciated. To open page in lightbox pop up is necessary.

Also, I want url of my all page same, so, when I try to enable title manager frame, My javascript doesnt work. Why???