Menu as a glossary question

mkia Community Member Posts: 38

I would like to use the menu as a glossary. It should be very simple with setting a text holder and then using the "change content" action within the menu right?

But!!!......what I cannot figure out is:

1. how to have the same font color in text holder?

(it's fine with the font itself, problem is with the color that doesn't respect my instruction not to be black!! I can solve this problem by placing some instructions there, and then "change content" works fine but could I solve it without? :)

2. within the can I format text in the text box?

Or if you have other solution for using menu as a glossary...I'm open to try everything. The more I play more I learn.

I guess variables could help...but they also don't want to cooperate so I don't know exactly how to use them.:D


  • mkia
    mkia Community Member Posts: 38
    Since no one replied, I guess there is no easy solution or t's too easy to bother. :p

    So....for self-taught absolute beginners...this is my workaround since Menu used as a glossary looks really great for what I want to use it and I didn't wanna leave it just like that!!

    1. I solved the problem by placing instructions in the text holder => glossary definitions were exactly as I wanted them

    2. There is no option to format a text in the text box so you can not make initial word bold or italic...just plain font that you wanna use and no formatting.

    (i saw in suggestions for Lectora that this is an my vote goes to adding a formatting feature to the textbox)