Converting Captivate files to Lectora

jennifer-bense Community Member Posts: 12
Does anyone have experience with converting Captivate files to Lectora? I have tried inserting the .swf file, but it doesn't seem very reliable as it cannot be edited once it is inserted into Lectora. Also the test that was included in Captivate does not score in Lectora. Has anyone found a way to make the Captivate test score once it is imported to Lectora and uploaded to Coursemill? I appreciate your help greatly!


  • ssneg
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    Depends on what you expect from the conversion. There a several options.

    If you already have a test in Captivate, you can publish it as Scorm Zip and forgo Lectora altogether.

    If you want the test to be part of Lectora, you will have to publish it as SWF and put on a Lectora page. Of course, you'll need to re-open it in Captivate, re-publish in Captivate, and re-insert in Lectora each time you make changes to the test. Not super convenient.

    You can setup Captivate->Lectora communication to pass the score, there are a lot of topics on that here on the forum. But it's not a very easy task.

    The best option is to re-create the test from scratch in Lectora and forget about Captivate.