Lectora 11 completing course in SCORM before the test is passed

mshawn63 Community Member Posts: 10
I have a course that was built in Lectora X that I have just updated in version 11. The test is set up to allow users to retake questions that are missed after their first attempt. Since this was originally built in X, I used actions on each page to check the status of the question varialbe (correct/incorrect) to determine if the test should stop on the current page or skip to the next based on the question value. I have not modified the test to take advantage of the new retry features in the new version. The test functionality allows the user to go through the test an the submit for grading button is on it's own page. If the user passes the test, they go to a pass page where there is an action to set the course completion variable. If they fail the course goes to a fail page where the user can either choose to review the course or retake the test. If they choose to retake the test, the actions on each page will check the value of the question and either reset the question or move to the next page based on whether they had the answer correct or incorrect. This worked just fine in verison X and our testing in Version 11, HTML showed no changes in behavior.

While doing our final testing in our LMS (SumTotal) one of our requried checks is to exit the course in the middle of the test then to return and make sure the bookmarking and the values of the previously answered questions are being properly retained.

What we found is that as soon as we exit the course in the test, the course communicates a completion to the LMS and records the score of the test based on however many questions were answered correctly. At the time of exit the test has not been submitted for grading.

This behavior did not happen in Lectora X. Any help would be appreciated on this one.