Drag and drop not reseting

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I'm still pretty new so probably a simple answer to this question. I have a page with a drag and drop question. I have two images which a student will drag to the drop zone and once they drop it in a message will appear notifying them of some detail. However when the close that window I want the image in the drop zone to reset and go back to its position before the student drops the next image.

How can I do this? Read a few post here about this but don't really understand them yet. Still trying to work all this out :)

any help will be appreciated!



  • glennpmartin
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    Hi Jeremy. It's been a few weeks. Did you get an answer to your question? I've been wrestling with drag-and-drop questions. I solved your issue by having a 'submit' button and adding the action 'Reset question'. My problem is that I want to do this and still have it recorded as an attempt. I want to display the correct answer after 2 attempts, but resetting the question also seems to take the number of attempts back to zero. Cheers, Glenn
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    It seems "Display message" cannot be done "On: Timed interval". So a Submit button is a good solution. You can still do it "On: Timed interval" but it requires a few more steps to get around that restriction.

    You can use your own variable to count attempts instead of the built-in attempts functionality. That variable won't be influenced by resetting the question:

    1. Create a variable, e.g. "q1_attempts", initial value 0

    Add actions to your Submit button

    On: Click

    Action: Modify variable

    Target: q1_attempts

    Value: 1

    Type: Add to variable

    On: Click

    Action: Show

    Target: Correct Answer

    Condition: Only if "q1_attempts" "Greater Than Or Equal" "2"

  • benpitman
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    Or you can try Change Contents with the target as the question (not the question variable). I think this will leave the # attempts in tact but I have not tried it. Oh, to reset, you set the Question to an empty variable.
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    I keep working on this, but nothing seems to work. My drag and drop questions all work on other pages, but they are drag and drop with text.

    I have one drag and drop with 4 images, 2 correct, and one background on which to drop the correct answers with only one drop zone.

    I've deleted the page and rebuilt it - didn't work.

    I've copied the one that worked and tried to replace things - didn't work.

    I've moved the Reset button under and over the question - didn't work.

    I created a Submit button. The Reset Question still didn' work.

    I created a new Lectora project to see if there was something wrong with my project. No, the images just will not reset.

    I even tried scaling down my images and changing from .png to .jpg and back.

    I did send my project to the technical crew and received an e-mail from someone's question that didn't apply.

    I've call the toll free number and the regular number. It seems their system is stuck in voice menu mode. I couldn't get in.

    Help please!
  • benpitman
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    What does not work? What are the symptoms?

    Feel free to zip the page and send to below addr. I will respond within 24 hrs.