snap : Hyperlinks, bookmarks disappers when powerpoint is convreted into flash

nabha Community Member Posts: 2
We want to buy snap by lectora. Therefore we downloaded the trial version .

We are facing following problems with the trail version. We request you to help us to buy snap.

We want to publish standalone “swf” from powerpoint 2010. We are using “CD” option to publish.

While publishing we are facing following Problems

Our power point presentation contents “action buttons”, “hyperlinks” and “bookmarks”.
  1. The hyperlinks are not getting transformed as hyperlinks. It looks like plain text.
  1. Bookmarks are not getting converted as bookmarks. It looks like plain text.
  1. Our requirement is: to run an executable program (standalone) on mouse click on an action button.

    When published this ppt as statnd-alone, it takes us to IE and tries to download the mentioned executable. Instead it should start running the specified executable from the mentioned path from the system.
  1. Our another requirement is: to play an MP3 file on mouse click on an action button.

    But instead of directly playing tha mp3, it opens the sound file link in IE, and then it opens (displays) the default media player (windows media player) to play the sound.
Help! Help! Help!!