snap : Hyperlinks, bookmarks disappers when powerpoint is convreted into flash

nabha Community Member Posts: 2
Hi nabha,

Did you find a solution? If you need any help at all, please email me at [email protected].

- Molly


  • peverist
    peverist Community Member Posts: 1
    I also am experiencing SNAP WEB published modules that have hyperlinks that don't work in many cases when displayed in a browser.

    I have tried emailing the [email protected] email but it returned an undeliverable message

    Purchased snap version 1.4

    PowerPoint 2010

    In a single deck I have examples of links working, not working at all (the link just displays as regular black text) and even an example of a heading where the full heading is hyperlinked in powerpoint but only 3 words in the middle are active as a link in the published module.

    I know I can use the Attachments tab to add links but the display area is too small to display the full URL so users can't pick which one they want from the truncated link names and in any case they shouldn't have to go to the attachments tab to follow a link.

    Can anyone assist?