Flash being deprecated by Adobe ...

rick-hubbard Community Member Posts: 3
I keep hearing that Flash is being deprecated by Adobe and due to the emergence of Mobile learning (especially iPad) it is not advisable to develop content in Flash. How realistic is this?



  • georgeb
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    I work for training/consultancy company Précon, our clients are mainly in the food sector but with our E-learning we also work for clients in other sectors.

    What I notice is that we get more questions about the ability to follow an E-learning course on iPads. In our case it's not top-priority to make our courses without Flash yet, but we are looking into & working on replacing everything that has been made with Flash.

    I think it really depends on your market/clients.
  • markhar
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    I hope that you understand most computers are faster than consoles of their time, in terms of hardware; That’s why skyboy stated that Flash was the superior runtime in terms of performance (which is indeed true, given the JIT compiler and new stage3D technology).
  • ssneg
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    There are still areas where Flash is indispensable and outperforms HTML technologies. It has a lot of advantages... yet. As alternative standards catch up, Flash will play a more niche role in the technology stack. That being said, 99.9% of e-learning does not need Flash at all right now.
  • xlprotraining
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    If incase we have to create some Gamifiedhttp://www.xlprotraining.com programs which contains flash will it be acceptable ?