Stop audio in Snap Empower

gracedaminato Community Member Posts: 6
I'm evaluating Snap Empower for a client and have tried a few things with the templates that are included. This is one thing I've tried that I can't seem to make work:I've added audio to the first tab in _BlueTabs template. (The actual template I used isn't important - what I'm trying to do is.) When I click any one of the other tabs, I want the audio to stop. It doesn't - it just keeps on playing to the end. I've tried a couple of things.1. I tried adding a very short 'empty' audio clip and set all tabs except the first tab to play that audio when the corresponding tab button is clicked (using the Show/Hide Action and Advanced Show Hide type). The audio from the first tab still keeps playing.2. I set up an invisible button in an out-of-the-way corner that's set to 'show' the audio. I did this because I noticed that any images that are shown when a tab button is clicked are hiddenwhen other tab buttons are clicked. It seems that for the 'hide'function to work, an object must first be linked to an action to 'show'the object. I was trying to set up such an association using an invisible button. Unfortunately, the audio still kept on playing when I clicked the tab button.3. Out of frustration I added the original audio to the list of objects that are 'triggered' by the second tab button. If I click the third or fourth buttons, the audio stops just the way I want. Unfortunately, when I click the second tab, the audio resumes from the point where it was interrupted - not what I want.So - my question - how can I make sure an audio file stops when I click a tab button - or even move to a different page - without tying myself and my brain into knots.

Can anyone help me with this?ThanksGrace