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wingheaded Community Member Posts: 4

It depends on which Snap! you are using - Snap! by Lectora or Snap! Empower. Snap! by Lectora rapid e-Learning software is a PowerPoint plug-in and probably what you saw in the image. Snap! Empower Flash interactions builder is a standalone product that allows you to create very robust Flash animations. Snap! Empower is not a PowerPoint plug-in.

Based off of your question about editing templates, it seems as though you are using Snap! Empower. If you go to the "Help" menu in Empower, you will see a TON of information about how to use Snap! Empower - all in text so you do not have to watch any videos. You'll find the User Guide - take advantage of this great resource. In this guide, you may find the "Managing Templates" and "Editing Pages" sections to be useful.

Please let me know if you have more questions!

- Molly