Video Help

tulane Community Member Posts: 6
Hi Molly,

I'm having a similar problem with both importing video narration and with existing embedded video files. When I go through the presentation as a normal PowerPoint slideshow, the embedded files work fine, but when I either preview or publish, the embedded video doesn't work, but the audio of that video comes through fine.

When I import the same video as video narration, the same thing happens. In all the preview windows no video is visible but the audio plays just fine.

Video Specs:

File Format: .avi

File Size: 23.5 MB

Duration: 3:07 min.

Video Size: 384x288 pixels

Frame Rate: 29/sec

Data Rate: 1029 kpbs

Please let me know if you need any other information from me because I'd like to get this figured out sooner than later.