Intra-course hyperlinks not working

I have a slide with a background graphic. the graphic contains 5 different images for the user to click. I created 5 separate transparent shape images that act as buttons to overlay each graphic. Each hyperlink for each button is linked to a different page in the slide deck via the "place in this document" choice from the edit hyperlink window.


Main Slide: 20

Image 1 Link: 21

Image 2 Link: 22

Image 3 Link: 23

Image 4 Link: 24

Image 5 Link: 25

Next Main Slide: 26

The buttons have been copied and pasted on each of the subsequent slides (21-25) as the learner can click any number at anytime. The Next button for each should branch to slide 26 from any of the slides, 20-25, and Back to slide 19 from 20-26.

What actually happens is any Image link I click on slide 20 (1,2,3,4,5) takes me to slide 21, then, the other buttons are inactive.

I know the interaction works, as I've tested in both PPS mode and Arcticulate Presenter.

Is there any reason the intra-course hyperlinks would not function?