Attached files disappear

tonymoore42 Community Member Posts: 2
Is this a bug, an incompatibility issue, or a user error? What do I do, step-by-step, to fix the problem?

When I attach a file, a Document icon appears where it should in the Attachments window as does the Delete button. But, there is NO file name between the two. Attaching links works as it should.

When I preview the presentation, links appear under the Attachment tab in the Info pane -- but not the file. When I return to editing and open the Attachments window again, the line containing the Document icon and the Delete button has been deleted.

I am using an HP computer w/ an Intel Core i5 CPU (2.53 GHz), 4 GB internal memory, 1/2 TB external HD with 200 GB free Windows 7 (64-bit) and PowerPoint 2007.

Thanks for your help!