Branching depending on Quiz Answers

socialnetworker Community Member Posts: 7
Thanks for the response, John. I haven't purchased Support for SNAP, so I'm not sure how much help you're able to give outside of that.

I have set up two slides in my presentation called "Pass" and "Fail". I've set up the branching on the Quiz slide to go to the "Pass" slide on-pass, and "Fail" on-fail. I disabled navigation on all three slides (Quiz, Pass and Fail). I export the file as SCORM 1.2 and upload to our LMS (Cornerstone on Demand). In the LMS, once the user completes the Quiz, the next slide they see is "Pass", regardless if they passed or failed. They also see the navigation button to go to the next slide, which is "Fail". If they then close the module, the results are not updated in the LMS.

I have End Show actions on both the Pass and Fail slides.

Is there a way to get one-off support from Trivantis for this query?